Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time is slipping away!

So, I started working full time again about 2 months ago.  Since then, my kitchen has been on hold.  We've been drawerless (living out of boxes) and doorless since then.  I at least have the upper cabinet bases finished, stain & poly-ed.  The lower bases are stained, I just have to add the poly.  The hinges and shelve brackets are spraypainted. The part I'm looking foward to the least, and the reason that I haven't finished it yet is the doors and drawers.  They need to be scrubbed - HARD - to get all the grease and nastiness off of them before I can go any farther.  Then they have to be drilled for the new knobs.  Some day my kitchen will be done and it will be beautiful.  Until then, I just have to take each step - one step at a time and slowly work on it, while trying to keep the rest of my house a home while working full time :)