Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bathroom project update

My hubby saved our bathroom cabinet today!  He got home from work just in time.  I was finishing up the project and trying to put the shelves back into the cabinet.  The shelves wouldn't fit in like they did before (yes I tried putting different ones in different spots, thinking maybe parts were warped or something).  In the process, I broke the ends off of three shelves and scraped the paint on the shelves and on the cabinet - so now I have to touch it up.  And I had NO luck at getting the shelves into place.  When Hubby walked in the house, he knew something was wrong because I (having a very low frustration threshold - and yes, I'm working on it) was throwing the shelves and the 'L' brackets in the bathroom, saying a few choice words and making a HUGE commotion with it all.  He came in and saved the day though!  He pulled me back and into a hug and then asked me to show him how they were supposed to go in :)  When he got the first shelf in place, he asked how mad I was at him for getting it in and I replied, "Not mad at all, you saved me from taking a sludge hammer to the whole thing!" :) Then he proceeded (with me helping) to get the other 4 shelves into place.
 not too much visible damage - at least the broken parts of the shelves are in the back where you can't see them :)
This is what the cabinet looks like above every shelf in every corner!  Scuffed up from having to bang and force the shelves into place.



This weekend, I took a break from household chores to go spend the weekend with family in Lake City!  Saturday, my brother and his wife and my one year old niece came over to my parents' to celebrate her first birthday.  We did a cake smash photo session and then enjoyed a family dinner and more cake and ice cream.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bathroom Linen Cabinet

So I decided on Monday to start painting our bathroom linen cabinet.  It was a yellow oak cabinet that didn't match our bathroom anymore.  We installed a new vanity last winter that is white so I knew I wanted to paint the cabinet white to match, but never did. 
Here is a way before picture of our bathroom, before I painted and before the new vanity.
 This is the cabinet in its original form
 this was the old vanity as we started tearing it out.  I was going to just paint it, but when I took the doors off, the facing came with them.  The bottom of the vanity rotted out on part of the edge that the facing was glued to.  I was really bummed... okay, not really :)  I wanted a new vanity all along and this made it a necessity :)
 Here you can see the new vanity in place along with my paint job :)  Notice in the mirror the cabinet behind?  I took the doors off and we decided to keep it open instead.
 Different view of the bathroom, and the paint job of course :)
Today, my goal is to finish the cabinet.  I already have it sanded and primed, I just have to actually paint it.  Although, my hubby wants me to just leave it primed because he thinks it looks 'artsy' :)  Maybe I'll post a picture before I paint and see what everyone else thinks!
Okay, so here is another up close before of the cabinet.  And you can see how disorganized it was too!  This is also going to change with the make-over.  The big open empty shelf is where our towels usually go, and it's supposed to be two shelves there, but one was missing 'L' brackets to hold it up and we never bought new (until now) :)
This is after being primed.  This is how hubby wants me to keep it :)  Let me know what you think!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Week

I took a break for chores or cooking today, and I loved it!  Yesterday I managed to finish 3 loads of dishes and 4 loads of laundry and I still have more to do!  How do I have so many dishes to do?  Well, it's because I started cooking, lol.  I realized how many pots/pans/casserole dishes, not to mention utensils, I use when I cook!  But I still love that I'm cooking a new dinner almost every night and will continue to do so, even though it warrants more dishes to be done!  Tomorrow I'm contemplating with activity I want to tackle.  I know I have regular chores to do, but I really want to finish some project so when I look at said completed project, I remember the accomplishment.  Looking at completed chores doesn't give me that sense of accomplishment like it used to, because it just piles up again later in the day :)  I'll update as soon as I know which project I'm going to tackle!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Detergent follow up

So, I absolutely LOVE the dish detergent!  I have to use more than what the recipe calls for, I have to use 2 tablespoons instead of 1, but even so, so much cheaper than buying ready made detergents :)  As far as the laundry detergent goes, it freshens up the laundry as well as pre-made, but I didn't have any stains or 'dirty' laundry to compare.  So for us, both work wonderfully!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Mail - Denver, Here I come!

I'm so excited!!!  44 More days until I get to see my sister, brother in law and two beautiful nieces (along with cousins and possibly some friends)!!  Today, the reality is starting to hit as to how fast it's going to get here!  I got my tickets in the mail!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 for 3

So, today is 3 for 3 in making dinners for the hubs and me to eat together!  I love LOVE LOVE being able to stay home and create menus and make sure that hubby and I are both eating healthier (and cheaper)!  Tonight we had Cheddar Chicken & Rice Casserole - loaded with veggies and a caesar salad!  It was so good, I'm eating leftovers for my late night snack ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


YAY!  I got both of the detergents made today.  I just hope they work :)  Of course, I'll update when I know for sure!

Items for Dish Detergent
Items for Laundry Detergent
Both are ready for use

Dish detergent from

Laundry detergent from

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another First (at least for this year)

So today I sat down and made a preliminary meal plan.  I at least know what I want to make for dinners for this week, and what ingredients I'll need.  Once I create my board and have it organized... I'll share :)  So, today I'm doing my first big shopping trip for the meals and also for the ingredients to make my dish and laundry detergent.  We'll see how I do ;)  I'll post an update later on how the detergents turn out :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Progress

Today, I finally got the dining room table cleared off!  I was doing so well today, and then I ran out of dishwasher detergent AND laundry detergent...  So for my list tomorrow
1) make dish detergent
2) make laundry detergent

On the bright side, I FINALLY put our curtains up in our bedroom!
I would put a better picture up, but it's really hard to get a better picture :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Realistic Expectations

So, I guess I've always known that when too many tasks lay in front of me, I get overwhelmed and usually have no idea where to start, so I don't.  That's how my previous to do list looks to me right now... too overwhelming, and though it really isn't... my brain just doesn't work like that.  So, in order for me to achieve my goals, I'm changing how I create them.  So starting today... my goal for today:  To take the Christmas decorations down.  When that goal is achieved, I will create another one.  In my head, this seems to be a better way.  And although, in reality, nothing has changed... the to do list remains the same and the same tasks need to be accomplished, writing them down one at a time and tackling them one at time makes them seem so much more doable.  So I may update my blog 5 times in one day with different tasks to be done and achieved, but I will feel so much more at ease in seeing all 5 things accomplished vs looking at my to do list of 10 items and only seeing half accomplished :)  I'm creating realistic goals and expecations for myself!
To Do:  Take down Christmas decorations!!!
             Clean off kitchen table

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Well, I didn't get everything accomplished on the to-do list, but I did get about half of it done.  Which in all reality is pretty good for me :)  I'm chugging away at it again today and hopefully I'll be ready for the next to-do list by this weekend.  Plus, today and tomorrow are my hubby's days off of work, and I really don't like not spending time with him JUST to get a to do list done :)  I think most people can understand that!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unexpected Lazy Day

Today, I had a whole list of in house cleaning that I wanted to get done.  I was gone last weekend, so I thought my first day home would be a great day to start organizing.  Unfortunately, I couldn't see for most of the day, so I spent it on the couch listening to tv shows and movies.  I had my eyes dialated this morning, and figured they should be good by this afternoon... now I know to make the appointments for later on in the day!  So, to do list for tomorrow:
Pick up great room- meaning -
1) throw away junk mail and other random junk
2) file away random papers that need to be saved
3) take down Christmas decorations
4) vacuum
5) sweep
6) wipe down dining table
7) dishes
8) wipe down counters
9) deep clean oven/stove
10) deep clean fridge

I would post a before/after picture, but I am WAY too embarrased!  My living area has been neglected for WAY too long!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Adventure

This is my new adventure for the new year!  I quit my job and am now a stay at home wife.  I'm so excited to start this journey and finally make our house, that we've lived in for two years, into our home.  My major project to-do list for this year is:
1) finish painting all of the baseboards and trim
2) finish painting the bathroom
3) stain the kitchen cabinets
4) paint/refinish the kitchen countertops
along with many other small improvements and organization.
I will be updating this blog as I go so you can keep me accountable... hopefully with pictures so you can see our home progress.  I look forward to this year and this adventure!