Thursday, February 23, 2017


Our house has a utility room that is home to our wash machine, however, we do not have the correct connections for the washer or a vent for a dryer.  While my husband and I jimmy rigged our washer so that I could wash clothes, we still don't have a dryer.  And actually, I can no longer use the washer because our jimmy rig failed haha.  BUT, when I could do wash at home, I needed a place to dry.  In South Carolina, the weather is decently warm for 7-8 months out of the year so I figured a clothes line would work.  I did not want to spend a lot of money on one though, especially since we are planning on purchasing and hooking up a dryer - eventually.  So, I put my creativity to good use and off to Home Depot or Lowes (I can't remember haha) I went.  I purchased PVC pipes and connectors and cement rebar.  We already had rope, pvc glue, and garden stakes at home.
 I used a hand saw to cut the PVC pipes to size and a drill to create holes for the rope to be tied through.
I drove the rebar poles into the ground about a foot, and then placed the long PVC pipe over it.  This gives it support and also holds it to the ground.  It is a little flimsy and doesn't hold a lot of weight, however it works for now.
 The garden stakes were added to help support the PVC pipe.  After loading the clothes on the line, the pipes would bend inward without the extra support.  For less than $25, I have a clothes line.

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