Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Nightmare in my office/craft/guest bedroom

Yesterday, I tackled the kitchen.  I got caught up on all the dishes.  I deep cleaned our refrigerator, which has been needing attention for months!  I scrubbed our sink, counters and stove top.  My motivation - my mom and dad were possibly stopping by ;)  In the end, they didn't end up coming over, and hubby's response? "I'm going to call your mom and tell her to make plans to possibly stop over once a week." :D  The kitchen has grossly needed this attention since I quit my job in December, yikes!  Hopefully now, I'll be able to keep it clean and it won't take me as long (4 hours yesterday!).

Today, I'm tackling the living room and my office/craft/guest bedroom.  I'll have before and after pictures for this project, even though I'm slightly... ok REALLY embarrassed by the condition I've let it get in!  This also includes my living room, because during the bathroom redo, I pulled out my craft stuff to work in the living room while watching movies.  On top of this, I have piles of stuff that is waiting to be sold, either on craiglist or ebay, sitting in the corner of our living room!  So today's motivation?  I'm telling the world about this mess I've let sit for way too long, and I need to redeem myself (and my sanity) :)


Update:  This task will have to be continued tomorrow :(  Unfortunately, medical issues decided to consume my life today, and I've ended up on the couch... I'm sorry in advance to my hubby, who has to walk through a maze in our living room.  See, I emptied out the spare room and got it dusted and vacuumed.  I emptied it all into the living room, so that is where it lies... until tomorrow (prayerfully, I'll be feeling better tomorrow!)

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