Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Nice Spring Day

Today was a beautiful day outside!  Not too hot, not too cold.  I decided to tackle some yardwork, and my arms and hands are feeling it!  We have a big tree in our front yard that has branches that hang pretty low - and every time I mow the lawn, I get whacked in the face by them.  Today, I said goodbye to those branches and cut them down with a saw!  Then I mowed our front yard for the first time this year.  It was great to not have branches hitting me in the face while going around the tree!  And the bonus is that I park under that tree, so I no longer have to worry about those branches scraping up my car if it gets windy! 

This is before - WAY before :)  I didn't take a before picture today - so this picture is from 2009 - before we bought the house!

This is after - it's really hard to see the difference since the tree isn't in full bloom - but there is one :)

Here is the proof :)  These are most of the branches that I cut off.

My arms are so incredibly sore from the sawing and then the pushing!  We have a reel mower, no power anything, so it's a workout!  I love the work out feeling though, and knowing that we don't have to pay for a tune-up or for gas/oil every summer is a double bonus :)

Yay for a beautiful day and for motivation!

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