Friday, March 30, 2012

Kitchen Faucet Fix

I'm so thankful for the internet and people who take the time to post how-to tutorials!  Our kitchen faucet has been leaking for a long time - at least a few months, if not longer.  We didn't have the extra money to call in a professional so there it sat, leaking every time we turned the faucet on.  Today, I finally became fed up.  I searched online for a 'how to' video and found one!  It was so easy!  I fixed our faucet by myself in less than a half hour!  I'm so glad I didn't call a plumber because that wouldn't have been a complete waste of money!  My next fix it project is our bathtub faucet.. it leaks worse than our kitchen faucet does.  But I'll be honest - this fix scares me A LOT!  It seems a lot more complex than my kitchen, but I will tackle it... eventually - when I get fed up with it :)

Here is the 'how to' that I watched:

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