Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bathroom project update

My hubby saved our bathroom cabinet today!  He got home from work just in time.  I was finishing up the project and trying to put the shelves back into the cabinet.  The shelves wouldn't fit in like they did before (yes I tried putting different ones in different spots, thinking maybe parts were warped or something).  In the process, I broke the ends off of three shelves and scraped the paint on the shelves and on the cabinet - so now I have to touch it up.  And I had NO luck at getting the shelves into place.  When Hubby walked in the house, he knew something was wrong because I (having a very low frustration threshold - and yes, I'm working on it) was throwing the shelves and the 'L' brackets in the bathroom, saying a few choice words and making a HUGE commotion with it all.  He came in and saved the day though!  He pulled me back and into a hug and then asked me to show him how they were supposed to go in :)  When he got the first shelf in place, he asked how mad I was at him for getting it in and I replied, "Not mad at all, you saved me from taking a sludge hammer to the whole thing!" :) Then he proceeded (with me helping) to get the other 4 shelves into place.
 not too much visible damage - at least the broken parts of the shelves are in the back where you can't see them :)
This is what the cabinet looks like above every shelf in every corner!  Scuffed up from having to bang and force the shelves into place.



  1. It looks great and you won't even see those knicks when you fill those shelves!

  2. Thanks :) You're right, most of the knicks won't be seen, but there are a few on the front of the shelves that will. I'll be touching them all up tomorrow and hopefully filling the shelves on Thursday :)