Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unexpected Lazy Day

Today, I had a whole list of in house cleaning that I wanted to get done.  I was gone last weekend, so I thought my first day home would be a great day to start organizing.  Unfortunately, I couldn't see for most of the day, so I spent it on the couch listening to tv shows and movies.  I had my eyes dialated this morning, and figured they should be good by this afternoon... now I know to make the appointments for later on in the day!  So, to do list for tomorrow:
Pick up great room- meaning -
1) throw away junk mail and other random junk
2) file away random papers that need to be saved
3) take down Christmas decorations
4) vacuum
5) sweep
6) wipe down dining table
7) dishes
8) wipe down counters
9) deep clean oven/stove
10) deep clean fridge

I would post a before/after picture, but I am WAY too embarrased!  My living area has been neglected for WAY too long!

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