Friday, January 20, 2012

Bathroom Linen Cabinet

So I decided on Monday to start painting our bathroom linen cabinet.  It was a yellow oak cabinet that didn't match our bathroom anymore.  We installed a new vanity last winter that is white so I knew I wanted to paint the cabinet white to match, but never did. 
Here is a way before picture of our bathroom, before I painted and before the new vanity.
 This is the cabinet in its original form
 this was the old vanity as we started tearing it out.  I was going to just paint it, but when I took the doors off, the facing came with them.  The bottom of the vanity rotted out on part of the edge that the facing was glued to.  I was really bummed... okay, not really :)  I wanted a new vanity all along and this made it a necessity :)
 Here you can see the new vanity in place along with my paint job :)  Notice in the mirror the cabinet behind?  I took the doors off and we decided to keep it open instead.
 Different view of the bathroom, and the paint job of course :)
Today, my goal is to finish the cabinet.  I already have it sanded and primed, I just have to actually paint it.  Although, my hubby wants me to just leave it primed because he thinks it looks 'artsy' :)  Maybe I'll post a picture before I paint and see what everyone else thinks!
Okay, so here is another up close before of the cabinet.  And you can see how disorganized it was too!  This is also going to change with the make-over.  The big open empty shelf is where our towels usually go, and it's supposed to be two shelves there, but one was missing 'L' brackets to hold it up and we never bought new (until now) :)
This is after being primed.  This is how hubby wants me to keep it :)  Let me know what you think!


  1. Nope, sorry, it just looks like you didn't take the time to finish the job! The rest looks great! Good luck!

  2. thanks, Jody :) I have to get the correct size brackets to hold up the shelves and then I'll take a picture now that it's done! I'm really glad I decided to paint them :)