Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Week

I took a break for chores or cooking today, and I loved it!  Yesterday I managed to finish 3 loads of dishes and 4 loads of laundry and I still have more to do!  How do I have so many dishes to do?  Well, it's because I started cooking, lol.  I realized how many pots/pans/casserole dishes, not to mention utensils, I use when I cook!  But I still love that I'm cooking a new dinner almost every night and will continue to do so, even though it warrants more dishes to be done!  Tomorrow I'm contemplating with activity I want to tackle.  I know I have regular chores to do, but I really want to finish some project so when I look at said completed project, I remember the accomplishment.  Looking at completed chores doesn't give me that sense of accomplishment like it used to, because it just piles up again later in the day :)  I'll update as soon as I know which project I'm going to tackle!

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